Desert Hills Lutheran Church is fortunate to have a staff of skilled and caring individuals who assist the congregation and handle the day-to-day operations. In addition, DHLC is led by our Congregational Council, which consists of nine members elected by the congregation. Each council member serves a three-year term, and terms are arranged so that the terms of one-third of the members expire annually.

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Rev. Ron Glusenkamp

Rev. Ron Glusenkamp

Interim Pastor

Pastor Ron Glusenkamp joined Desert Hills Lutheran Church as our Interim Pastor on June 1, 2021. He is a graduate of Concordia Senior College and a graduate of Christ Seminary – Seminex. He was ordained in 1981. Pastor Ron has served four congregations: Bethany Lutheran Church in Cherry Hills Village, CO; St. Paul Lutheran Church, Wichita, KS; Immanuel Lutheran Church, Kansas City; and Gethsemane Lutheran Church, St Louis, MO. He was also the Vice President of Customer Relations for what is now Portico, was a guest Lutheran Preacher on Day 1, and served in the ELCA churchwide office. Finally, he is a published author.

Pastor Ron and his lovely wife, Sue Ann, will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary in July. They have three adult children: Nate and his wife Laura, who have a 19 month old daughter, Grace Anne; Noah and his wife, Caroline, who are parents to two month old Theo; and Hannah Grace, who graduates in July with her Masters in Counseling.

Pastor Ron is a yeastologist (bread and pretzel baker) and enjoys bike riding. As a pastor, he listens, prays, preaches, teaches, and invites neighbors, friends, and members to let their light shine. His favorite part of being a pastor is telling and celebrating the story of Jesus and his love.

Pastor Ron shares that “it’s great to be here!” Please introduce yourself to him after services.