The Seekers would like to thank those congregational members who submitted names of individuals for consideration as our new pastor. Those names have been provided to the synod office and added to the mix of interested candidates to be weighed against our congregation’s specific needs and desires as put forth in our Ministry Site Profile. 

After the synod completes the vetting process and submits to the Call Committee names of those who may be the best “fit” for the diverse needs of Desert Hills Lutheran Church, the process of interviewing will begin.

Please continue to pray for our church, Pastor Ron, and your Call Committee. May the power of the Holy Spirit move our new Senior Pastor to come forth.


“The Seekers,” aka DHLC Call Committee

Desert Hills Lutheran Church Ministry Site Profile


The Ministry Site Profile (MSP) is intended for use by congregations and church-related organizations that are seeking to call a rostered minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, or a First Call candidate for rostered ministry. Once complete, this form is submitted electronically to the synod bishop for review and posting to the “Current Openings” listing on the ELCA website. DHLC has completed and submitted the MSP to the Grand Canyon Synod. Please click the link below to read the completed submission. 



Interested in Applying as the Senior Pastor at DHLC


Applications are submitted through the Grand Canyon Synod. If you or someone you know is interested in calling Desert Hills Lutheran Church home, please search for Desert Hills Lutheran Church on the ELCA Current Openings page  or inquire with Pastor Pat Reed, Congregation Coach, by phone 480-580-3401 or email  . We hope the Holy Spirit moves you to make DHLC home.


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