Greetings Members, Friends, and Guests of Desert Hills Lutheran Church,


          It's very strange to be heading into Holy Week this way, isn't it?  After walking the Lenten walk on the way to the cross we don't find ourselves by the side of the road, waving palms and cheering...”Hosanna!”

 we are. “Hunkered down...staying home.”  Personally, I will go out and cut a palm branch from one of our palm trees in our yard. I'll lay it on the dining room table. It will become our centerpiece as we journey that final trip to the cross this week.

          There is always something just so wonderful about the opening of our Palm Sunday worship services...we stand and sing loud and clear...”Hosanna to the King of Kings!”  Here He comes!  Just as is promised each and every year. At the end of those six weeks of Lent we can finally rise up and give Him the honor He deserves!

          Well...we can still do that. He's still coming to us. We may not be in one another's 'presence'...but we most assuredly are in HIS PRESENCE. We'll still be right there...on the sidelines, greeting the King of Kings as He makes His way through this next week.

          They say...”Absence makes the heart go fonder”. I think that is very true for me right now, and perhaps, for you. I'll miss sharing this week with my co-workers, my fellow church members, etc. But we will still be together. Because we have a bond that cannot be broken by 'absence'. We are very much in one anothers' presence...because we are held together by the ever present, omnipotent King of Kings. And He is with us as we journey our final way to the cross this week.

          May God bless your walk...we'll be together in worship...'online'. Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

          Wash your hands, fold them...bow your head. Give thanks.

          Pray with me:  “Dear Lord, we worship and adore you...we ask for your help these days. Give strength to all as we journey together to the cross. Amen. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ken Nyhusmoen

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