(as of May 8, 2021)

With so many in the community becoming fully vaccinated, the council and staff have agreed that masks will be optional effective Saturday, May 15 for those visiting the church for meetings and events or conducting business. However, during worship services, the northwest section of the sanctuary will remain designated as a mask mandatory section. The congregation has the freedom and responsibility to make their own decision to worship at church or at home. We trust in God that we have been led to provide a safe environment for those wishing to worship in-person.
While many have completed their vaccinations, there are still many who have not yet decided about the vaccine or have not completed the full vaccine regimen. Desert Hills Lutheran Church understands but is open to everyone. No one will be turned away from DHLC worship, meetings, events, or business based on their vaccination plan. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is a very personal choice and we respect everyone’s right to make their own decision.