Welcome to Desert Hills Lutheran Church! We are creating a safe and clean environment for everyone to feel comfortable. With that said, we understand that not everyone is going to be ready to return right away. Some have health concerns, some may be at risk, and some may just not feel comfortable meeting in large groups. We totally understand and respect your concerns and feelings.




Monday – Friday

 9 am – 3 pm

Closed. Staff is available to help over the phone. 



3 pm & 5 pm
Country Gospel

All entrances open


 8 am Traditional

All entrances open


9:30 am Blended

All entrances open


11 am Contemporary

All entrances open


Please view calendar at dhlc.org

South and west entrances open

DHLC is one of God’s Churches and we believe we are called to keep the church available for those who would like to worship in-person. Our responsibility is to make the church as safe as possible and to communicate multiple worship options to the congregation. The congregation has the freedom and responsibility to make their own decision to worship at church or at home. We cannot please everyone; however, we trust in God that we have been led to provide a safe environment for those wishing to worship in person.
Masks are required when entering the building and may be removed after being seated in the Sanctuary. Walking around in the Sanctuary without a mask will not be permitted.
The Northwest section of the sanctuary is designated as a mask mandatory section.
Some seating will be marked as unavailable to ensure appropriate physical distancing.
After each service, masks must be worn after leaving your seat and to exit the Sanctuary and the building.
We ask everyone to please exit the Sanctuary as quickly as possible. Cleaning of the Sanctuary will take place immediately after each service.
The new air filtration system will be kept on during all services.
We ask those that wish to visit with friends to do so outside the building.
Keeping the building as safe as possible is our main interest and in doing so depends on our congregation following the protocols during these difficult times.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Kenny Rupp, Administrator, at 520 648-1633. Online worship services and Bible fellowship classes will continue to be available at dhlc.org and on Facebook.