Desert Hills Lutheran Church

A Ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America


Position:                     Director of Church Operations          Date:  April 2022

Responsible to:          Senior Pastor                                    Exempt, full-time, salaried


General Description:  The Director of Church Operations oversees all business and financial functions of the church, working with church members and staff to achieve the objectives of the church.  Specific areas of responsibility include but are not limited to: financial management, personnel management, facilities and risk management.  Conduct the business affairs of the church as a vital role in the ministry of the church, embracing the mission of the Desert Hills Lutheran Church.  


Executive Support:  Provides leadership support to the Senior Pastor.  Serves as staff representative to the following ministry and work areas:  Congregation Council, Finance Committee, Audit Committee, and Stewardship Committee.  Performs tasks as directed by the senior pastor or requested by the church council.


Financial Management:   Implement and maintain appropriate budget and accounting systems, assuring the ministerial staff and others with budget responsibility are aware of expenditures and budget.  Implements established financial procedures of the church to include:

  • Plans and implements appropriate budget and accounting systems, working with the Finance Committee.
  • Maintains a financial record system for the Church and directing and supervising its operation. Reports financial information to the senior pastor, council, finance committee and program staff.  Responds to inquiries for financial information, often including analysis of data.
  • Maintains proper cash flow control to meet obligations
  • Manages all financial processes.  Processes accurate quarterly, revised, and duplicate statements. Completes the weekly primary and secondary deposits. Codes and approves all check requests.  Provide back-up check writing and payroll support.
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with financial institutions to ensure the church achieves best possible banking and financial services               
  • Works with the Audit Committee and outside auditors to conduct audits of the Church’s financial statements.
  • Manage and prepare reports; county, state, and ELCA.
  • Serves as purchasing agent, overseeing all contracts.
  • Maintains a charitable contributions record system.
  • Oversees an efficient system of membership pledging and contribution accounting with a quarterly statement sent to donors
  • Works with the Stewardship Committee in planning and promoting the annual Church stewardship campaign
  • Supervises preparation of the annual financial report and presents to the congregation.


Facilities Management:

  • Directs the Facilities Manager who is responsible for the maintenance program of the church and serves on the Property Committee
  • Assists the Congregation Council in determining current and future building and equipment needs and overseeing and approving modifications to building, equipment and furnishings
  • Administers the policies and procedures concerning the use of the church property and facilities.
  • Oversees the security of the church building including establishing a security team and ensuring all security personnel/volunteers are appropriately screened and trained.
  • Maintains an inventory of church property and equipment
  • Manages risk, evaluating, and maintaining all appropriate insurance requirements
  • Works with staff and organizations in coordinating the assignment of classrooms and facilities for meeting, activities, and events


Personnel Management:   Serves as the Human Resource Manager for the church.  Oversee all aspects of personnel management and human resources. Arrange for proper staffing of personnel to meet the mission and needs of the church, while maintaining an efficient and productive work force.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Oversees the hiring and terminating of all lay staff personnel in coordination with the Senior Pastor, supervising manager and the Executive Council which serves as the HR Committee.
  • Implements, interprets, and administers the personnel policies of the church and maintain a confidential personnel file on all staff persons
  • Administers the payroll for all church employees
  • Administers the performance evaluation system of the church
  • Periodically reviews wage and salary structures, personnel practices and employee benefits, and making recommendations to the personnel committee
  • Assures the church’s compliance with federal and state labor laws
  • Ensures all job descriptions are up to date and approved by the Executive Council which serves as the HR committee.


General Management: Serves as back up to other executive staff as needed.

  • Develop and maintain knowledge of all business computer software used by the church and be generally familiar with its application.
  • Serve as a member of the Executive staff of the Senior Pastor



  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Accounting, Finance or equivalent.
  • Sound financial expertise. Ability to develop and supervise a multi-million dollar budget
  • Willingness to embrace and advance the vision, mission, values, and ministries of Desert Hills Lutheran Church
  • 7 or more years of progressively responsible experiences in business, staff supervision and facilities management preferably in a church or non-profit setting
  • General knowledge of Federal and State regulations and laws regarding employment, compensation, and benefits
  • Skills necessary to set goals, measure progress, and achieve desired outcomes.
  • Ability to work both independently and/or collaboratively within a team, both staff and volunteer to assess needs and produce results.
  • Exceptional spiritual gifts geared toward mission and connecting and working with others.
  • Ability to demonstrate servant leadership in planning, organizing and leading staff and volunteers


If interested, please send resume to



Desert Hills Lutheran Church

2150 S Camino del Sol

Green Valley, AZ  85622