Join a group this fall. Groups are forming now.

At Desert Hills, we believe life transformation happens best in community—and we live that out through small groups. Join a community of people who connect each week and seek to grow and serve together. We welcome you to explore our offerings below.


Sermon Based Small Group (10-12)

Small group discussion on previous Sunday sermons.  Relaxed setting and sharing, “Making a Difference.” 

Sermon Based Small groups are starting another season of gatherings.  We are looking for anyone who would like to meet in a small group, usually 10-12 people, once a week to talk about the previous sermon.  You don’t have to know a lot about the Bible, you only have to have heard the sermon, and have a curiosity about what it means to all of us.

  If you are interested contact the Front Desk

Christ Care Small Group

In a large church like Desert Hills Lutheran, it takes a concerted effort to make simple contacts turn into true connections. These connections are meant to help each of us grow in the Lord whether it is through service, fellowship, Bible study or prayer/worship. We establish these small groups where people become much more than just a contact to each other. ChristCare (a small group ministry) is part of the Stephen’s Ministries from St. Louis, MO. ChristCare groups are designed to assist the congregation in meeting its mission of Celebrating Grace, Making Disciples and Making a Difference.


How can ChristCare help us meet this congregational mission? They do so with the four functions listed below.


♦ ChristCare Group functions during each weekly meeting:

  • Prayer and worship is a part of each meeting often praying for the concerns of the group
  • Community/fellowship building is where they learn more about what is going on in each other’s lives. Often this can include the highs and lows from the previous week.
  • Missional service is the same as Making a Difference in our church’s mission. Each group selects a project or projects they can do to make a difference in our church, community or the world.
  • Biblical equipping is a disciplined way of encountering the Bible – by yourself and with your small group – for the purpose of hearing and understanding God’s Word more clearly and using this understanding to change our lives and thus grow as a disciple of Christ.


Check the church calendar on the home page for current times and meeting places of specific ChristCare groups. If you have been in a ChristCare group in the past, we would enjoy hearing from you.