June/July Note

 We have collected all the registration information from everyone who registered for the fall 2019 session of Tables for Eight.  The turnout was excellent.  We are currently organizing all the groups and expect to be ready to send out information concerning your new groups by late July.  Please be patient.

April Note

You still have a little time left to sign up for the next session of Tables for Eight beginning in September.  Please sign up by filling out the form at the reception desk by the south entrance. We are assembling all the registration information now.  We will be organizing groups and preparing your information packets over the next couple of weeks.  Expect to hear from us no later than the middle of July so you can begin planning for your first get-together with your group in September.  Stay tuned!

Want to meet more members of DHLC?  Join Tables for Eight!

Tables for Eight is a small group share-a-meal ministry. All members and regular visitors to DHLC are welcome to participate. This includes couples, singles, full time residents, as well as snowbirds.

Groups of up to eight people are formed once a year. Each group determines its own schedule and tries to meet once a month for a meal, usually dinner, but picnic lunches and Sunday brunches are also options. Hosting rotates each month. The host/hostess provides the main dish and drinks and the other members provide side dishes as determined by the host/hostess. Groups generally schedule their next get-together at the conclusion of each month’s meal.

Snowbirds are included in most groups but groups are encouraged to continue to meet even when the snowbirds are gone for the summer.

The emphasis of Tables for Eight is fellowship and fun, rather than gourmet food. Get to know other members of the congregation on a more personal level.

Think your home is too small for eight people? Then schedule a picnic in the park; we can picnic nine months out of the year in Green Valley! Your group could select a restaurant and reserve a quiet table so you can chat with each other. Want to add interest? Order pizzas and include a game night with dinner. Be creative.

Please join us for the fellowship, fun, and, of course, food.