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The Erickson Library is located at the west end of the fellowship hall. It is open and staffed on Mondays from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Come in for a visit! 

Albert Camus wrote that “Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.” Historical novels by Australian American novelist Geraldine Brooks provide evidence for that assertion. All five of these novels are available at our library here at Desert Hills.Brook’s first novel, Year of Wonders (2001) tells the story of the village of Eyam, England. In 1666, while the plague ravages throughout Europe, villagers in Eyam make the difficult choice to isolate their town, hoping both to survive the infection themselves and to prevent outsiders from being infected.In Caleb’s Crossing (2011), Brooks takes us to the other side of the Atlantic, where English colonists struggle with one another, themselves, and the natives. This story begins in 1665, in what will become Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Later the novel takes us to Boston, and early days at Harvard University, where the struggles continue.In March (2005), we are again taken to Massachusetts. The period is the years prior to and during the American Civil War and we observe the atrocities of slavery through the eyes of Bronson Alcott (originally fictionalized and immortalized as Reverend March in his daughter’s Little Women series).The People of the Book (2008) traces the history of a sacred Jewish “illuminated” (illustrated) text recovered by a book restorer in the ruins of Sarajevo in 1996. The novel recounts how individuals throughout its history come in contact with the text and risk their lives to save it. We follow  ordinary heroes from the text’s creation in Seville in 1480, to the Spanish Inquisition of 1492, to the Jewish ghetto in Venice in 1609, to Vienna in 1894, to Bosnia during the second world war.Finally, Brooks takes us to Jerusalem, in the days of King David. In The Secret Chord (2015), all the beautiful strengths and huge flaws of the king are observed through the eyes of Natan, prophet and confidant of David. The novel is gritty, powerful, and scripturally based.Check them out! 



When responding to a recent request for material related to a major life change, we were presented with the opportunity to add some new things to our collection. You, too, can help us with your suggestions on material that you have found to be helpful in working out such issues as death, divorce, separation from loved ones, caring for grandchildren or helping adult children with problems in their lives. Leave a note in the checkout card box, give us a call or leave a message in our library mailbox at church. We welcome your ideas.

New material appears each month, so stop in to browse the shelves. Fiction or non-fiction books, DVDs and CDs are available for check-out at any time.

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