STORMS OF LIFE "Shelter" - Sun, Aug 21, 2022

STORMS OF LIFE "Shelter" - Sun, Aug 21, 2022

Aug 21, 2022

Preacher: Pastor Mike Sager

Series: Storms of Life

Category: Worship Services


Sermon Thoughts:

Matthew 7:24-28

When you begin to imagine building something that will last, one of the first items that needs to be designed or thought through is the foundation. This is as true of a building as a relationship. A weak or faulty foundation will cause what appears to be a sound structure or relationship to collapse when faced with the power of a storm. Jesus is reminding us of that truth in today’s gospel. Our lives need to be grounded and rooted in the deep truth and love of God. Here is where we begin to build our lives; here is where we will find strength when storms rage against us. All too often we spend too much of our time worrying or building the visible structures of our lives while the foundation of our lives is weak or crumbling. Seek first the kingdom of God, and all the rest will be added unto you. Allow the foundation of your life to be formed on the promises of God, and the life you build will be able to withstand the storms that are always on the horizon.


Dig Deeper:

How might or has the promises of God’s love formed a strong foundation for your life that has allowed you to weather the storms of life?

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