Country Gospel Services Saturdays

♦ Saturday at 3:00 and 5:00 pm

The Saturday worship services are led by our Country Gospel Band with Joe Ferguson as Director. The band can include piano, guitar, bass, steel guitar, drums and fiddles with musicians varying from week to week. 

Traditional, Blended, and Contemporary Services Sundays  

♦ Sunday at 8:00 am

This worship service is the most traditional style of worship offered at DHLC. The service includes Gordon Swanson on organ and, in the winter months, the Chancel Choir directed by Stan Kindzerski. The congregation sings many of the responses (liturgy) which can be found in the Lutheran Book of Worship hymnal. In the summer, while many of the Chancel Choir members are away, we enjoy a variety of musical groups including Men's Choir, quartets and soloists (both vocal and instrumental).


♦  Sunday at 9:30 am

This worship service is a blend of worship styles with the Celebration Singers during the winter months and the Summer Singers from June until the middle of October accompanied by Gordon Swanson on the organ throughout the year. 


♦  Sunday at 11 am

This worship features Contemporary worship music.