Desert Hills Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Desert Hills Lutheran Church or just have questions about DHLC, please contact the church office.

Types of Memberships available at DHLC:

Desert Hills Lutheran Church offers three types of membership for its congregation:

  • Voting Members hold their only church membership at DHLC. Voting Members have voting privileges on all issues associated with DHLC, the Grand Canyon Synod, and the ELCA. They are eligible for election to the DHLC Congregational Council.
  • Seasonal Members are voting members of other congregations who wish to retain such membership but desire to participate in the life and mission of DHLC, including limited voting rights. Seasonal members are not eligible for elected office, membership on the Congregational Council, representation of DHLC at the Synod Assembly or Churchwide Assembly, or on a call committee. They are not able to vote on any matter concerning or affecting the call or termination of any minister or on any ELCA matters.
  • Associate Members hold membership in other ELCA congregations and wish to retain such membership, but they desire to also participate in the life and mission of DHLC while in our area. Associate Members have all the privileges and duties of membership except voting rights and eligibility for the DHLC Congregational Council or representation of DHLC at the Synod Assembly or Churchwide Assembly.