The DHLC Library Committee announces the following procedures for using the church library from the comfort of your home.

To access the library collection, use the following steps:

  1. Select “Search our Collection.” You do not need a password to search the collection. You may search by keyword, author, title, or subject.


Search our Collection


  1. Once you have selected your choice of reading material(s), complete the “Request a Library Book” and submit the electronic form.

request a library book

( )   -

In the Text Area please include the book title, author, and call number.



  1. A member of the Library Committee will respond to you when the book has been reserved and placed on the “Reserved Cart” in the reception area of the main office where you may pick it up.
  2. When you are finished, please return the book to the “Book Return Bin” on the bottom shelf of the cart(s).

Expect some delays as the committee ensures that all materials are safe for handling by patrons.


Thank you to generous DHLC readers who share their books with other readers by donating them to the library!