Easter "Is Empty Enough?"- Sat. March 30, 2024

Easter "Is Empty Enough?"- Sat. March 30, 2024

Mar 30, 2024

Preacher: Pastor Mike Sager

Category: Worship Services


Is Empty Enough?

If you ask most people, “Would you rather be full or empty?” most will answer full. Full is good, right? Yet as much as we desire a full life, we realize that often our lives feel more empty than full. Fullness is often a fleeting feeling. We eat a meal and feel full at the time but in a few hours want a snack because we are feeling empty again. A full tank of gas quickly becomes an empty tank that needs to be filled once again. Even when one’s life feels complete and full, circumstances happen, and our lives seem drained. While this might all seem like a bad thing, the good news of the empty tomb is that Jesus came for those who recognize the emptiness of life, not for those who think their lives are full. The empty tomb is a sign of hope for our emptiness; that God meets us in our emptiness so that we might be filled with God’s love and hope that never runs empty. Jesus said he came for those needing healing not for those who think their lives are perfect. So, if you struggle, feel hopeless, lonely, or wonder if there is more to life, then does Jesus have good news for you. You are the one that Jesus came to offer love and hope. You are the one who understands those times of emptiness, and the need to be filled with hope. Is empty enough? Yes, it is more than enough, for in our emptiness God fills us and offers us hope.

Dig Deeper:

Reflecting on times when you have felt empty, where did you find hope? How does the empty tomb speak to your emptiness?

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