"Help Is On the Way" - Sun. May 14, 2023

"Help Is On the Way" - Sun. May 14, 2023

May 14, 2023

Preacher: Pastor Craig Larson

Category: Worship Services


In a world that celebrates independence and “pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps,” it is a challenge to not apply that same philosophy on our relationship with God. In this weekend’s scripture, Jesus tells us, “If you love me, you will obey my commandments.” Well, what happens when we don’t or fail in our efforts to be those faithful disciples? We love Jesus. Does that mean when we fail, Jesus does not love us? Jesus knows our humanness, so the very next verse tells us he is sending help. One that will live within us and show us the right way to live. As this is coming from God, all we can do is receive it. We know that this connection can never be broken as it is the gift which Jesus is creating with us.

Dig Deeper:

Think of a time when you were at your lowest and then remembered you were a child of God.

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