"Recognizing God's Presence"- Sun. June 9, 2024

"Recognizing God's Presence"- Sun. June 9, 2024

Jun 09, 2024

Preacher: Pastor Mike Sager

Category: Worship Services


Mark 3:20-35

In this weekend’s gospel, we have three competing groups. We have the crowd who continues to swarm around Jesus, and though they do not speak they seem to want something from Jesus. We have his family, who are concerned for him because they believe he has lost his mind because of what he is saying. They are also concerned for themselves because of how the authorities might react. And we have the teachers of the Law of Moses, who believe that Jesus is doing the work of the devil and deny that Jesus could have any power from God. Each group had its concerns and failed to recognize the working of God in their midst. Do we sometimes miss or misunderstand the workings of God because of our concerns and expectations?

Dig Deeper:

How do you recognize the working of God in your life?

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