. . . those members hospitalized, in a rehabilitation center, ill, or who have otherwise requested prayer include:

Shirley Jorgensen

Family and Friends of Babs Phillips

. . . those members continuing to request prayer include:

Candy Cullen, Gretchen Ramsey, Nancy Meier, Tom Lane, Don Tuttle,

Nancy Green, Mary Pat Bury, Orren Bendickson, Ron Poedtke,

Ruby Means, Jim Clark, Mike Hoye, Joan Bystol, Babbie Lynton,

Hal Wolfe, Stan Kindzerski, Del Anderson, Rosie Epler, Dick Andrews,

Donna Hahn, Gerry Rodgers, Mary Beth Sargeant, Linda Shrupp,

Kay Otto, Glen Shaw, Woody London, Shellie Knopik, Leigh Lundberg,

Ray Frazier, Lauren Hillquist, Nancy Kramer, Richard DeSmidt, Pat Nilo,

Nancy Joblin, Al Caswell, Carolyn Larson, Floyd Parker, Norma Marrion,

Pat Harris, Bonnie Byler, Linda Weigand, Dick and Delta Ferris,

De Ann and Charles Riley, Pat Gardner-Riek, Jennifer Dinardo,

Hart and Shirley Holmberg, Carol Shelton, Bob Edgerton,

Kenneth R. Williams, Beverly Strandlie Pearson, Christina Heid,

Elsie Behnkie, Pat Holladay, Mary Ellen Leveille, Phil Carter, Jan Lund,

Gail Mattix, Jim Knudson, Glenda Landgraver, Dick Stuckmayer


…those members leaving the prayer list with thanks to God include:

Jan Crosser, Betsy Patton, Eileen Dahm, Chuck Dorr

Please make the office aware of hospitalization (please be specific which hospital), condition changes, or moves to a different facility. Also, let us know of the desire for pastoral visits and/or communion.