The Seekers (aka the Call Committee) would like your prayers for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to discern God’s will for this congregation in the selection of a new pastor.

. . . those members hospitalized, in a rehabilitation center, ill, or who have otherwise requested prayer include:


Family and Friends of James Tenney

Family and Friends of Mike Wonner

Pat Tenney, Richard DeSmidt

. . . those members continuing to request prayer include: 

 Larry Gass, Joyce Greenlee, Vicki Wimbush, Hank Hinrichsen, 

Dick and Barb Newton, Pat Nilo, Nancy Joblin, Steve Ware,

Ginger Downing, Mary Brown, Al Caswell, Lois Horton, Helen Ford,

Beth Johnson, Carolyn Larson, Floyd Parker, Betsy Patton, Paul Bedney,

Norma Marrion, Fran Libner, Pat Harris, Bonnie Byler, Art Jensen,

Darrell Malpert, Linda Weigand, Dick Ferris,

De Ann and Charles Riley, Pat Gardner-Riek, Jennifer Dinardo,

Hart and Shirley Holmberg, Carol Shelton, Jim Johnston, Bob Edgerton,

Kenneth R. Williams, Beverly Strandlie Pearson, Christina Heid,

Elsie Behnkie, Pat Holladay, DonnaLee Mattson, Janille Hicks,

Delta Ferris, Mary Ellen Leveille, Flo Stendahl, Loretta Arnholt,

Mike Flynn, Robert Vaught, Warren Wragg, Phil Carter,

Jan Lund, Rachel Cushman, Gail Mattix, Bonnie and Jim Knudson,

Glenda Landgraver, Dick Stuckmayer, Jane Hanson

…those members leaving the prayer list with thanks to God include:
Please make the office aware of hospitalization (please be specific which hospital), condition changes, or moves to a different facility. Also, let us know of the desire for pastoral visits and/or communion.